(Dacron) Bonded Polyester Fibre 200gsm

(Dacron) Bonded Polyester Fibre 200gsm

(Dacron) Bonded Polyester Fibre 100gsm

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(Dacron) Bonded Polyester Fibre 100gsm Australia at best price

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Bonded polyester fibre also known as Dacron is generally glued to the foam cushion to give it a softer and rounder look. It makes the cushion cover look much fuller and plump. It is commonly used on only three sides, top, bottom and front edge. It will keep the fabric, from wearing out before its time. Therefore the fibre wrap is recommended on all seat cushions and is a good idea be used anywhere the fabric gets used, inside arms, inside back and seat cushions. Having the foam cushion wrapped in fibre also makes it much easier to slide into the cover.

  • Grade: 100gsm
  • Thickness: 17mm
  • Width: 150cm
  • Roll Length: 50mtrs

100gsm is only availabe by the roll. 200gsm is available by the roll or by the metre.

Others grades may be available request. Minimum order quantities and additional lead time may apply.