Phonik Acoustic Sheet 1930x1422mm

Phonik Acoustic Sheet 1930x1422mm

Convoluted Acoustic Sheet 2100x1900mm

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Perfect insulation with Convoluted Acoustic Sheet 2100x1900mm Australia

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This acoustic foam is perfect for sound dampening, its convoluted profile of acoustic foam has been created to provide more surface area for the absorption of sound waves and vibration. The egg crate foam shape reduces noise deflection in home theatres, studios, music rooms and workshops. Made from a firm charcoal N29-400 polyurethane foam (Most popular in the industry).

  • Typical Uses: Sound Proofing & Packaging
  • Sheet Size: 2100mm x 1900mm x 50mm
  • Thickness: 25mm in valley / 50mm at peak
  • Grade: N29-400
  • Colour: Charcoal
  • Density: 29kg/m³
  • Hardness: 400±50

Guarantee: 5 years

Also available in other grades & thicknesses on request. (Minimum quantities apply)